Hey There, Remember Me?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been able to update, but don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned ship, I promise! I could give you all the “sorry my life is crazy” excuses (which are kinda true, actually), but I figure what better way to jump back into the blogging game than. . . well, just jumping right in!

So I thought I’d give an update on my current progress toward finding the ideal mp3 player for those of you fitness buffs (workout-aholics?) who find yourselves struggling to find the ideal music player to keep you amped up during those hours spent pumping iron in the gym or finding some fallen trees to caber toss (of course, my workout of choice is hooking a nice thick rope up to a tractor and dragging it around town with my teeth, but to each their own).

Well, I’ve logged quite a few workout hours with the SanDisk Clip Sport (4 GB model), and I can safely conclude that this mp3 player is going to be exactly what the doctor ordered! For some. . .

Sansa Clip Sport

First off, the good:


At $38.99, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable mp3 player (that works) on the market, and the price point even nudges this hearty little mp3 player into the realm of the impulse buy.



Ok, I know I just said this. But seriously. This is an affordable mp3 player. And this is exactly the sort of thing that makes this player such a solid option for the fitness crowd. I don’t know about you, but I can download music onto my phone. Shocking, I know, considering my smart phone processor packs a greater punch than my laptop. . .

But here’s the problem with using my phone as a music player while I’m working out: my phone didn’t cost 40 dollars. It cost a lot more than 40 dollars. All I’m trying to say is: I’m not super excited about the idea of getting sweaty goober all over my smart phone. With the SanDisk Clip Sport, I’ve so far had no issue with sweat/grime/ickies, and even if I did somehow sweat through my armband enough to damage the player, guess what: it was only $38.99. Do you get the point I’m trying to make here? Ok. Good.


Radio Functionality

Overall, one of the things I love most about the SanDisk Clip Sport is the radio function. I mean seriously, I’m not sure why it isn’t a default function for ALL mp3 players nowadays. I find that sometimes during longer workouts I just really don’t want to hear that Celine Dion song for the 3rd time (and I tend to find myself wondering why I put so much Celine on here in the first place. . .)

With the Clip Sport, all you’ll have to do is toggle to FM mode, and the quality of reception is decent enough that you’ll be able to push through that last rep thanks to the twangy burp of your favorite pop-country anthem.

Of course, the one down side is you’ll be dealing with commercials, which I know can ruffle some feathers in those of you folk out there that “don’t like being sold to, dangit.” Which, to be honest, I don’t fully understand because just the other day during my jog, I heard a commercial for the “best carpet cleaner in town,” and that got me to thinking: “when is the last time I cleaned my house?” And “maybe I should clean my house sometime?” So now I have a DEFINITE plan to clean my house. Like, really clean it. I swear. It’ll happen. I promise. . . And you know what? I’ll probably listen to the radio on my Clip Sport while I do it.

Anyway, onto the not so good. . .



Ok, so this is really it for me, and I’m only putting this on here because I’ve heard from other reviewers that some devices are performing better or worse than others. For example, some have had difficulty with their computers recognizing the device, which certainly could be a nightmare. But so far I’ve not had this issue, or any other major hiccups of note.

In any case, don’t expect this to function like a current generation ipod. Because that’s not what it’s there for! It’s there to put some music in your head when every muscle in your body is focused on hoisting that 500-pound barbell above your head. It’s there so you have an mp3 player that can sit in your gym bag and NOT BREAK YOUR WALLET HEART when Frida accidentally sets her 80-pound barbell down on it and crunches it into dust. Get it? Affordable. Convenient. Low-investment.

I’ll keep testing, and I’ll certainly update you to any changes in quality, but as for now I can tentatively give the SanDisk Clip Sport a thumbs up for anyone that’s looking for an easy-to-use, low-cost mp3 player to use during workouts.

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